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How does it work?

Selling a car in Belgium : a long journey...

When you think about selling your car, you probably think : "car inspection, online ads, ridiculous offers, scammers, paperwork, nervousness, online ads again...". Well, you are not alone! That's pretty much the experience of anyone who wants to sell a car ... for the lucky ones! Because, indeed, it’s very common to see individuals being ripped off and ending wasting more than just their time and energy... Luckily, there is now a solution for the sale of your car under the best security conditions : TAKTAK.BE. Just imagine : selling your car in 24 hours, without having to post any online ad, without having to take never-ending phone calls or to receive unsuccessful visits with people that, often, are just a little bit curious. Imagine selling your car without asking yourself "Am I going to get scammed? Is this fake money? Is this buyer legit?" With TAKTAK.BE, this is exactly what you will avoid because everything is transparent and safe from A to Z.

Selling my car? Yes but not at any price!

This price is based on a current market price analysis. Keep in mind that this estimation does not take into account the options and other features of your car. Don't worry about it : our auditors are all automotive experts and will adapt the offer during your free appointment. Indeed, the audit of the vehicle will be the occasion to check the interior and exterior condition, the engine state and of course every option or special equipment. We are always looking for the fairest price for your car.

How to sell your car fast in Belgium?

Anyone wishing to achieve this goal wants to sell their car quickly and above all at the best possible price. There are several ways to do this. However, most do not allow you to meet both of the above goals. Traditional solutions are for the most part synonymous with difficulty and exhaustion for the individual (announcements, visits, incessant calls) or low prices (dealer takeover, garage buyout). Fortunately, new technologies have enabled TAKTAK.BE to see the light of day: the tool for the immediate buy-back of your car in complete safety and at the most attractive price! TAKTAK.be allows you to take back your vehicle, whether it is a new or used vehicle. The operation is very simple. Do you have a car to sell? All you have to do is get it estimated for free online with our quick and easy estimation tool. In an instant, you can enter the important information of your car using your registration card and thus obtain an evaluation calculated by our artificial intelligence "NEO".

What if I am ok with your offer?

If you accept the offer during the free audit, you are paid by instant transfer on the bank account of your choice, before the car is even collected! Our priority is that you feel reassured. Keep in mind that the audit is not a binding step, you are totally free to accept or refuse the offer. You can ask for a period of reflection and take your decision without any pression. Keep in mind that the TAKTAK.BE service offers a lot of advantages: you sell in a simple, fast and secure way. You avoid the pain of dealing with non-serious buyers and you also avoid scammers who unfortunately plague the Belgian used car market. With TAKTAK.BE, you don’t need to deal with the administrative work or with any other time consuming task. This is however required when you are selling to another individual. TAKTAK.BE is therefore the best way to sell your car in a secure and efficient way, without wasting time, without classified ads. Instead, you receive an instant payment without ever leaving your home!